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Talking Women of the Dust - Environment

“They were machines that didn’t consider a future. They didn’t consider their reality. They burned, and they guzzled, and they vomited toxic waste, destroying what was left, as if there was more to be had.

There was nothing more to be had on this Earth. An Earth destroyed by man.”

The long term affects of our presence on this planet was another layer to this new book. As much as sisterhood and womanhood were the pillars, the end of our earth because of humanity was the foundation. There is no water because, I decided that generations beforehand would push the earth beyond its capacity. There is no life because there is nothing to sustain it. It was a challenge and sometimes a shocking one as I discovered the long term repercussions of this decision, including what my characters could eat and the impact of generational deprivation and what this would do to our evolutionary traits.

The complexities of this book, as well as it’s world, keep evolving. I can’t wait to delve deeper as I write the second book.

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