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Talking Women of the Dust - Infrastructure

What would the cities truly look like if women designed them? What would be important to us in our infrastructure? How would we we travel? What would our maps detail? What would we name our roads, mountain and rivers, or would we even name them at all?

It wasn’t just clothes and social structures that I needed to design for my new series, I had to completely rethink the way women would live if our focus was solely on our own needs. But my creativity was hampered. There is no life in this future-world I’ve made, and thus, there are limited materials.

Redesigning a world around women’s requirements encumbered by a dying planet was challenging. Houses had to became yurts, beds were converted into nests, cars were remodelled into dune-buggies/motorcycle hybrids, roads were torn from the ground, maps were based on time and landmarks were named exactly what they were. It made for some interesting inventions and intriguing research.

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