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Talking Women of the Dust - Sisterhood

“She was surrounded by the harmonious melody of a dying race. A race of women born and bred into the bosom of a bloodthirsty warrior Nation built on values steeped in compassion and empathy. There had never been anything like them, and if they passed into the dust, Yolanda was certain there would never be anything like them again.”

Alongside the facets of womanhood, this new series will explore another integral element in our collective spirit. Sisterhood and the concepts that surround #womensupportingwomen were as fundamentally important as the aim to showcase both the strength and vulnerability of our feminine nature. I wanted the best parts of us interwoven in every chapter and every scene. It was essential to me to build a world where women can be competitive, but their rivalry is built on love, support and loyalty. But, like many other aspects of this book, there were current social constructs and my internal bias I had to tackle first, not the least of which was understanding my own thoughts and feelings. As I unravel the nuances of this book, I also unveil parts of myself. It has been much of journey of advancing in my craft as it has been a journey of self-discovery.

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