The first book in Annabelle McInnes's new Women of the Dust Series

The Matriarch

  • “She was the Matriarch. In a barren world without water where war was constant, and the survival of her Nation was ensured with the edge of a blade, the woman inside was of no importance.”


    This is a story of a matriarch. This is the story of a woman.


    Nine years of war and bloodshed. Almost a decade of sanctions, depravation and watching the daughters of her Horde die from lack of resources, including access to a reliable water source. Yolanda’s mother was a warmonger, a woman who instigated a decade-long war. Now, as both a daughter and a Matriarch, she must discover a way to bring peace and lift sanctions that have crippled her Horde and her Nation. But peace can only be gained by agreeing to a truce with a man who represents the death of a world.


    Yolanda is the seventh-generation Matriarch of the Horde. Her decision will change the fate of what is left of humanity. And the Matriarch will discover that true leadership comes from embracing one’s whole self.


    The first book in the Women of the Dust series

  • The Matriach is not avaiable for purchase at this point in time. 

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